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Sonja Maric
Sonja M.
13:10 04 Jul 20
Silvana is the best 👌👌👌👌👌
Teresa Nguyen
Teresa N.
21:00 17 Jan 20
I like this place so much . The employee they do every good job.
Lorena Rodriguez
Lorena R.
13:38 07 Jan 20
Vivian took me in as a walk-in and spent over 2 hours working with me. She did a wonderful job coloring and cutting, so I decided to bring my daughter as well. Again, she was accommodating and thorough, and knew just what to do. The prices are extremely reasonable!
Laurie Darbe
Laurie D.
22:58 06 Jan 20
This was my first visit to this salon. Vivian did a fantastic job! She went above and beyond my expectations and takes great pride in her work. I think I just found my new salon because I will be back.
Ankur Gautam
Ankur G.
17:48 05 Jan 20
Great hair cut always
Paul Sauseda
Paul S.
22:20 03 Jan 20
Tim has been cutting my hair for about3 years now and I will not go anywhere else. Thanks Tim!
Tim Whiteman
Tim W.
23:07 02 Jan 20
Was able to get in for a quick haircut for my son and I. No appointment needed.Tammy and Tim (owner) were very nice. We both liked our hair cuts and they even did a hair wash for free.We'll be back!
17:57 23 Dec 19
I have been here couple of times they were good. Lately I think they have got a lot of customers they just don't even attempt to give you an appointment. Point blank they say they cannot see you. As a business you would think they will at least try to give you another day or try to make an appointment. It's like they don't even care for the business they are rude! Good news is there are a million salons in Plano.
Jeffrey Ocampo
Jeffrey O.
22:20 15 Dec 19
Mr. M is so good! Just some extra service like shampoo before and after haircut will be a big plus if he has it. But with or without it, service is ok
Jake Park
Jake P.
22:57 25 Nov 19
hong Ngo
hong N.
02:28 13 Nov 19
Rating Life
Rating L.
00:53 11 Aug 19
Tien Nguyen
Tien N.
14:33 21 Jul 19
Shristy A.5/26/2019Christina was my hair stylist; she is very sweet and personable. I showed her what coloring I wanted and she helped me pick out the best option suitable to my needs and tone. Pricing is very affordable (she even gave me a very nice first-time user discount!) while maintaining high-quality work. She took her time and did not rush to ensure I had the best outcome. I really loved my balayage hair color! I was very happy with the job and would definitely come back here again
Martha Garcia
Martha G.
03:16 08 Jul 19
My daughter(9) and I went here because of the reviews. As new clients I asked for the free shampoo and the lady told me it was fine. The lady was so sweet, I had no issues with her. However, when we went to check out the manager/owner told us $60. The lady told him too that the shampoo was free since we are new. Still, he said $60. I paid, and still tipped $10 because she was so sweet and nice to us. This wasn't her fault, it was the managers. Very disappointed, I do not reccomend at all
li li
li L.
19:28 24 Jun 19
Good location. Yen is very responsive and flexible to accommodate my schedule, great service.
ahmed sharaf
ahmed S.
20:48 22 Jun 19
Good experience clean salon
Hung Nguyen
Hung N.
18:34 22 Jun 19
Really ? A over 20 years experience hair stylist named Dawn, she did my hair color and haircut so perfectly and she gave a very very nice service. Love her so much. Will bring all people that i known to see Super Dawn.
Jennifer Ho
Jennifer H.
17:54 22 Jun 19
Yen has been my stylist for 4 years now. She always does her best.Professional service and skill.Highly recommend nice people to come here.
suleman gowani
suleman G.
17:07 21 Jun 19
Jenny Tan
Jenny T.
22:13 15 Jun 19
I went to dye and highlight my hair with Yen at M Hair Salon. She cut and dyed my hair for years. She's very nice, I've been asking her to cut and dye her hair for years because I told her how I want, and she always knew what I wanted. it came out as good as I expected. That why I don't use anyone else expect her, now she work in Plano and I live in Garland, but I still use her to do my hair cut.
Vlad Svetlenko
Vlad S.
19:38 14 Jun 19
Tim is great along with the rest of his team! Highly recommend!
Vlad Svetlenko
Vlad S.
19:37 14 Jun 19
Tim is awesome along with the rest of the team! Highly recommend
Kellie Holloway
Kellie H.
18:04 14 Jun 19
Christina has been my stylist for a while now. She always does an amazing job. I am complimented on my hair color everywhere I go. People ask for her number and I gladly pass it along. She is very sweet and always professional. If you want a great cut or color she is the one to see.
Chili Beans
Chili B.
14:19 08 Jun 19
Hair artists and professionals.
Shristy Arefeen
Shristy A.
16:05 26 May 19
Lilly Wang
Lilly W.
15:33 25 May 19
Diana Nguyen
Diana N.
21:22 09 Mar 19
Very satisfied with their service, great haircut for both my son and husband.
Riku Yanki
Riku Y.
16:52 24 Feb 19
sebastian dana
sebastian D.
21:51 10 Feb 19
First time customer. The work done here is very admirable, Tim and his team have shown to be very diligent and trustworthy of their work. Each and every stylist I saw were putting forth effort that I have not previously witnessed at other salons, I am impressed with their work! I will continue to come here as a regular.
Leon Sun
Leon S.
22:21 26 Jan 19
The hair cut here has always been good for me and been going there for almost 4 years now so I highly recommend this place
Beom Lee
Beom L.
18:54 03 Jan 19
Anisha Chaudhary
Anisha C.
16:15 01 Jan 19
I've been coming to this salon for years. The staff is friendly, I like that they never discourage me from trying out new styles, and they listen to all your cutting requests carefully. I always leave happy with my haircut!
Tuan Nguyen
Tuan N.
03:25 30 Dec 18
Great service , location , pricing , and good management , warm and welcoming and a nice atmosphere with a good vibe
Umar Khan
Umar K.
17:08 22 Dec 18
M hair salon is the best place to get the haircut of your dreams, I have been coming here for years and it has been a pleasure to get a haircut each and every time I come here If you are looking forward to getting a good haircut then M hair salon is the place to go! I guarantee you will not have any regrets!
Saurabh Sethi
Saurabh S.
15:01 12 Dec 18
Tim is a great guy....and know what he is doing!!!
Satish Mahadev
Satish M.
16:28 03 Nov 18
Tim is great, he is being my hairstylist for past 2 years. I will always give a 5 star rating
Dennis Wang
Dennis W.
21:09 01 Nov 18
Cheap price hair cut place that does the job. If you are looking for more complex/stylish cuts, better head elsewhere. You get what you paid for..
Vicki Bridges
Vicki B.
18:27 27 Oct 18
Highly recommend M Hair Salon! I've been going to one of their stylists for 10 years now. They all cut, color, perm, highlight exceptionally well. They should be charging much more considering their talent. Give them a try...you'll be glad you did!
Bharti Sharma
Bharti S.
21:12 20 Oct 18
Nguyen is a best hair stylist and very nice person and gives best customer care 👌👍
Mike Hill
Mike H.
15:57 12 Oct 18
Great haircuts at fair prices
Luiz Dura Neto
Luiz Dura N.
23:16 04 Oct 18
Will Beason
Will B.
15:54 03 Oct 18
David m
David m
22:18 02 Oct 18
I am please to have nice haircut by Yen . I will come back next time.
Chris K
Chris K
22:10 02 Oct 18
Antony Moyalan
Antony M.
17:49 21 Sep 18
Great hair salon! Guy who owns it has another barbershop that I've been to for years now and my man TIM gives a killer fade everytime. 10/10 would recommend.
Jimmy Nguyen
Jimmy N.
17:53 18 May 18
Khải Vũ
Khải V.
17:48 18 May 18
Esmeralda Trejo
Esmeralda T.
03:45 23 Dec 17
susan jeep
susan J.
17:45 28 Sep 17
Dishonest. They took me in for a color consult. I was told my hair was too damaged to color, instead they sold me several moisture treatments and products totaling over $200. When it came to color, the stylist promised to order the color I wanted, but after several weeks I had no answer. I finally had to drive up there and she hid in the back room. So I paid for these treatment services, trusted her to give me the color that we discussed but it was never done. Instead my calls were ignored and she avoided me. Nice way to make some money and lose a potential customer. Way to go M3!
Ning Kong
Ning K.
16:16 27 Aug 17
Good place but depends on your stylist. I always use Kim who is the best one
Hope Faith
Hope F.
18:52 01 Aug 17
Josh Zaccardo
Josh Z.
19:43 11 Jul 17
Vickie is wonderful! I have been coming to M3 for over 7 years and she always does a great job! She really takes time with each of her clients and does a great job paying attention to detail. ask for her-highly recommended! The whole staff is really friendly and everyone does a terrific job.
Dmitry Meter
Dmitry M.
03:08 25 Jun 17
Kelsey Taft
Kelsey T.
18:39 18 Jun 17
vicky is amazing. she does a great job with my family and i. would recommend!!!!!
Mark Wright
Mark W.
12:14 11 May 17
Been going there for years and get a consistently good cut!
Rajani Reddy - Raj
Rajani Reddy - R.
22:14 24 Jan 17
Good service. Vickie does amazing job.
Leo A
Leo A
17:33 09 Jan 17
Tom is amazing
Ambati Sai Praneeth
Ambati Sai P.
19:57 02 Jan 17
Worst hair cut ever had!! She did it in 9 mins!! Wow!! Great but will never come here for my haircut
Shelly Meter
Shelly M.
05:12 01 Dec 16
21:10 17 Jun 16
Vicky is the best of the best, not only she cares about her clients, but also does a Marvelous styles and job,. My family and I all Come to M3 Salon. We love you Vicky!!!! See you soon! From Russia w/Love!!!
Cindy Hawes
Cindy H.
02:15 26 Feb 15
Great hair cut with great service. Tien is the best!!
Raj Prasad
Raj P.
14:50 12 Oct 14
Vicki does amazing job.